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Today in 2020, as never before, the look has become a primary factor, which every woman wants to enhance, an effective way and to always be perfect is the application of Eyelash Extensions.
There are various application techniques and today I am here to explain what they are and which ones and how to choose the right one for you.
Let's start with a brief historical note, underlining that the first eyelash extensions were born to satisfy the cinematographic needs, it seems that the first to have this intuition was the director DW Griffin, in 1916 while he was working on the film "Intolerance", about the actress Seena Owen .


In 1972, a Polish Maksymilian Fedorowicz appeared on the scene, well known also in Italy with the name of Max Factor, who made the eyelashes for the leading actress of the film Chicago, Phyllis Haver, which had a huge success and definitively awakened the desire to own long and thick eyelashes.

In the 1950s, one of the godmothers of their success was Marylin Monroe, who with her seductive gaze made thousands of women all over the world fall in love with false eyelashes.

unnamed (2).jpg

In 2003 a Japanese beautician, Shu Eemura, created the extension with the One to technique  One using natural mink fur. The first woman who had the honor of wearing them was Madonna
So the eyelash extension vi technique was born in Asia and was widely appreciated by Asian women who, due to their ethnic characteristics, have particularly short, thin and light eyelashes, hence the famous Russian Volume technique.



One To One

The One To One Technique which was the first technique I learned at the time, because it was the only one that existed. It was done with synthetic lashes that had a slightly wider thickness than natural lashes, so as to give the feeling of thicker lashes, and had different lengths to achieve natural results. Subsequently, mink eyelashes were born on the market at excessive costs and did not give a good effect because they were irregular, with curves and lengths that were not exactly precise. On the other hand, mink eyelashes could cause allergies to colors that could be allergic to mink hair and not suitable for animal welfare.  Today the lashes on the market are exclusively synthetic and are of different qualities, the better the quality the more beautiful and thin the hair will be, hence the lashes with the names silk,  Cashmere, mink, etc. which also underline the matt or glossy effect of the synthetic fur.

Having made this clarification, the lashes for the One To One, today, are BEAUTIFUL, you can choose infinite curves, many thicknesses and lengths, but also colors.  This technique is called One To One (1: 1) because 1 SINGLE synthetic hair is applied to each SINGLE natural lash. The thinner the hair applied (thickness 0.10mm or 0.15), the more natural the effect obtained, always considering that the synthetic lashes are not too longer than the natural ones, it is advisable to exceed them only by a few millimeters (2 / 4mm at Max). To get a beautiful effect it is necessary to fill in all the natural lashes that have the right length. Let's open another important topic, eyelashes like all other hairs on our body, gone through three stages, birth, growth and death. The hairs in the birth phase will not be touched, because differently they could be damaged, the application will be made instead on the eyelashes that are in the stages of growth and fall. 

One to One


With the volume technique, invented more recently, it was possible to increase the amount of existing hair on our eyelids by applying on each SINGLE natural eyelash from 2 to 5 synthetic hairs, taking the name 2D, 3D, etc. this application is carried out with eyelashes that have similar thicknesses to the One To One technique.

Volume Russo


It is useless to hide that it is my favorite and it is the one I recommend and do the most in my center, the beauty depends on the thickness of the eyelashes used, in fact it is done with very thin hair starting from tiny thicknesses like 0.03 mm to get to one 0.07 mm, using such fine hair you can reach volumes up to 15D / 20D







Errori da evitare



One thing that must always be taken into consideration is the quality of the natural hair that you want to lengthen, because if the lashes are thin it will always be better not to weigh down the natural hair very much because you risk accelerating its fall. So if you have short and thin eyelashes, try not to expect very thick and long eyelashes as this would compromise the health of your eyelashes. So always rely on professionals who will know what to do.


  Ps .: I have seen everything around such as women who have the effect commonly called "toilet brush" for eyelashes given by the incorrect use of the thickness of the eyelashes, NO! They are not beautiful !!! They weigh down your eye and close it !!! In addition to giving a very ugly effect to your face !!!!


It is very important that the synthetic eyelashes are attached to only one natural hair, if more natural hairs were attached together, you would risk the premature loss of these combined  the pain and discomfort that occurs when closing the eye or passing the hands.






















Another important thing, I was told that some operators do not clean the lashes before starting the application of the new ones, VERY WRONG !!! BEWARE of these which operate against all hygiene rules and can cause you serious damage, they do it only to not waste time, without taking into account your health. Eyelashes are the first physical defense against external agents that could affect our eyes, so the extension collects dirt at any time, which is why even those who wear them must pay particular attention, applying synthetic eyelashes on natural dirty ones favors prayer. of bacterial colonies that can cause serious eye infections.

Demodex Folliculorum: that's why you always have to clean your lashes

They are known as  Demodex  or  mites  from the  eyelash  and almost every human being has a small colony of them, a strange population living on them. These lurk in the hair pores of our lashes and feed on the fat they find, until they explode leaving some greasy residue on the lashes along with their eggs. they cause allergic reactions and bacterial infections.

To prevent their proliferation, it is necessary to wash the face well every day and pay particular attention to cleansing the eyelashes, especially if you have extensions.

Demodex-Folliculorum (1).jpg
Demodex-Folliculorum (1).jpg
Correzione Occhi


With the extension we have the possibility to correct some small defects in the eyes such as eyes that are too close, they can be spaced apart by lengthening the corner of the eye, or drooping eyelids can be camouflaged with more curved eyelashes, there are guidelines for which you can follow, always respecting personal tastes, here are some examples.


Effect suitable for all types of eyes, because it follows the natural length of the lashes.

Effect suitable for those women who love the evident effect of long lashes on almost the entire eye. Suitable for those with drooping eyelids.

Particularly suitable for those who have close eyes and want to have a seductive look.

Very noticeable with long lashes on the outside like the cat eye and long in the center too. Suitable for those with drooping eyelids.

Particularly suitable for those with distant eyes, doll-like effect.

Quanto Durano


There  duration of the session for the application of the Eyelash Extension depends on what you have chosen to do and varies from 1/2 hours to 3 hours to then be resumed at least every 3 weeks.

This is because the lashes simply have their own life cycle, and there comes a time when they naturally come down and there is a replacement of natural lashes.

The duration therefore depends on your natural lashes, but the times are generally those.

Need  consider this too: if you have decided to resort to  eyelash extensions, surely you have also been told to treat them with care, which means that the more you don't pay attention to them, the easier it is for them to get damaged or fall out.


MAINTENANCE: how to make eyelash extensions last longer!

To have a longer lasting seal, you need a good one  maintenance.

First of all, immediately after application, avoid touching or wet them for the next 24 hours and avoid hot and humid places for the next 48 hours. It is advisable to avoid using mascara, because it could cause synthetic lashes to fall out, for example.

But not only that, a good indication is also not to use face creams, oily products such as hair conditioners, eyeliner, eye shadows.

It is possible that these products compromise the hold of the false eyelashes.

Pay close attention to the use of detergents: biphasics or oily detergents are not recommended, while micellar water is well tolerated and does not cause damage!

However, if you pay attention to these little things, your lashes can last up to the maximum time possible (maybe even for 4 weeks): here's how to do the right  maintenance of Eyelash Extensions. 

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