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Mani Pedi

Mani Pedi

Soak Off Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Soak Off Gels are a category of products, now  from the United States, which is part of the permanent and semi-permanent gels. The soak offs are  thinner and softer than permanent gels  used for nail reconstruction.


Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Peel Off

Is one  nail varnish  semi-permanent  innovative  which combines long life and easy removal. Its delicate formulation allows not to damage the nails since  it is removed  without solvents and without filings. The  System  Peel Off  guarantees a lasting color  for over  2 weeks  but it can be  removed at any time as a film  quickly and safely and you can immediately apply a new color by choosing from the over  100 shades  available.


There  gel reconstruction  is a technique that allows you to give one  new shape or length  to nail your text.  This is a great manicure  resistant  and durable, for approx  30 days. For removal, the  filing, to remove all gel residues.



In the acrylic application process, a liquid monomer and a powder polymer are used to create a hard protective layer on natural nails. The  acrylics  they harden only when exposed to air. When acrylic hardens, it provides a perfect base for applying nail color.


It combines the advantages of acrylic and gel in one product,   allows an expert beautician to renew her client's nails obtaining a very natural effect

Dual form system

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